4 Popular Point-of-Sales Systems You Should Use

1 Aug , 2017 Articles

4 Popular Point-of-Sales Systems You Should Use

The right POS system can significantly change your business! Here are 4 popular Point of Sale Systems you should definitely take advantage of!

After you’ve built your own business and after you have successfully sold your products, you surely don’t want your customers to experience difficulties in the final payment process. The right POS system can significantly change and improve your business, including the final payment process.

A lot of business owners are asking – What is the one Point of Sale system that I should use and why?

The truth is that there are many POS systems available, however, you need to choose the one that suits your business the most.

In this article, we are going to present you the 4 most popular POS systems you should definitely take advantage of:

  • Shopify Shopify has an excellent POS system for small and medium-sized businesses. It can easily transform your smartphone or tablet into a Point of Sale system and can be upgraded with additional hardware, tools, and features as your business expands. It also gives you a good starting point to take your small business online as it integrates with add-on apps and digital storefront.
  • Vend This is the perfect POS system for small businesses. It is extremely cost-effective and it is also packed with features and tools to help you manage your costs, customer records, and inventory. The company that is behind this system also offers 24/7 customer support.
  • Square Square easily integrated into all iOS devices for an easy cost of management and rock-solid security. The best thing about this POS system is that all of its advanced features scale up with your small business. It also offers payroll and time tracking. Once you are processing more than $250.000 a year, you can apply for lower rates.
  • Stripe This is a go-to POS system as it offers a great customer service and clean interface. It covers credit and debit cards, charges low fees, and you can even integrate Stripe with your own software.

Check out all of these 4 most popular Point of Sale systems and decide which one suits your business needs and goals the most. Only by choosing the right system for your business, you can move forward and become a successful business owner. So, analyze, compare, and select the best POS system! Good luck!

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