Cybercriminals and Hackers Break Computers for POS Payment Systems

1 Aug , 2017 Articles

Cybercriminals and Hackers Break Computers for POS Payment Systems

The management at Oracle has notified the users of its popular point of sale payment system that hackers and cybercriminals managed to breach computers and implant malicious code! Read more!

So what’s new in the digital world? Nothing much, except that management at Oracle, have informed their users of its POS system or point of sale payment system that hackers and cybercriminals managed to break the company’s customer support computers and implant malicious code which can affect hundreds of thousands of retail businesses around the world.

The computing giant Oracle has detected and automatically addresses the malicious code. Apparently, the code was in certain legacy MICROS systems. Oracle bought MICROS for around $5 billion in 2014. At that time, businesses bragged that MICROS systems were discovered in 180 countries around the world in 330.000 payment terminals. Among the popular names in foodservice, retail, and hospitality were Hyatt, Ruby Tuesday, Hilton, Carnival, IKEA, Marriott, SONIC, BJ’s, Starbucks, and Ulta.

As always, the first person to report on the break was Brian Krebs. He noted that apparent source of the attack is an organization from Russia that previously stolen from retailers and banks. When it comes to the size and the scope of the break, it is still being investigated. It is also unclear when the hackers and these cybercriminals first gained access to the system.

However, Oracle confirms that the breach is limited to a small number of servers and computers at the retail division of the company. After Oracle inserted new security tools and features to systems in the affected network, the investigators concluded the breach impacted more than 700 infected computers and systems.

Oracle immediately sent a letter to customers with instructions to change their passwords on all MICROS accounts. Also, the directive must also change the password that was used in the past by any MICROS staffers who had access to the site. The intrusion affected the MICROS customer support portal and among those in danger was ticketing portal (an Oracle customer) that helps MICROS users correct problems with the POS systems or Point of Sale Systems.

Avivah Litan, a security analyst tells Krebs that some of these merchant and retail POS hacks and attacks that nobody has been capable of identifying and tie to any one POS service provider. This is how we can explain the Oracle attack.

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